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He mocks Axis, daring him to try out to arrive in, but as quickly as Axis tries it, Cashe attempts to stomp on him! The complete crowd, the two Yardies and Faithful, boo as Guy Cashe struts to the ring dressed in the most stereotypical whiteboy “thug” apparel possible. Belvedere: Coming to the ring first… Axis sees this coming and drops again outside the house. Cashe replies that he “never fight no bitches that cover exterior of da ring.” Axis, angry now, begins in yet again, with Cashe likely for another stomp. He waits, though, as Cashe, viewing the measurement big difference involving him and his opponent, as an alternative techniques through the ropes and goes to the exterior. YouTube around the speakers and the most ghetto, thug-tastic searching disappointment you will ever see in your life techniques out from at the rear of the curtain. We can see a literal tooth fly out of Guy’s mouth immediately after the fist connects! Dean: Anything can come about, sucka. Dean: I guess remaining sneaky is the only way Cashe gone be in a position to earn.. Dean: Cashe? Well, he is been in this article for a moment and… Zybala: Dude, Cashe ain’t profitable. Zybala: That’s fucking morbid.

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Cashe smiles as he starts to goad Axis on, telling him to “deliver it!” As Axis comes about, fists lifted, and prepared to struggle, Cashe turns and rolls into the ring! Cashe measures down off the stairs to the ground as Mitch starts a gradual rely, with the supporters commencing to boo much more at Cashe. He glares at Guy, then ways in the ring. He turns to discuss to Mitch, getting him to prevent his rely for a instant, in advance of turning and stepping through the ropes, coming out of the ring to the side of where by Cashe is. Cashe walks all over the ring, halting at the occasional woman to talk, just to get turned down. Axis calmly however menacingly walks down the ramp in the direction of the ring. The camera cuts in excess of to Belvedere standing in the ring. Guy rolls over and commences to get up, rubbing the again of his head, even as Axis slides in and gets to his toes, obvious at his opponent. The lovers boo louder as Mitch reaches a 6 depend, but Guy doesn’t clearly show any symptoms of coming back in. But this time, Axis grabs him by the leg, tripping Cashe up and causing him to slide on to his back again!

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